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This shirt was originally designed by Dave Carnie in the waning days of Big Brother, but aside from a couple of test runs, it was never made available to the public. Until now! Behold! Helvetica, the boldest, most condensed and italicized Font Metal band on the planet is releasing its first limited edition t-shirt. You can’t even get Helvetica’s music! Because Helvetica hasn’t made any music! That’s why this shirt is so gnarly! Helvetica is the first band of its kind to come out with concert tshirts before it even plays any concerts. By purchasing a Helvetica t-shirt right now, you will be guaranteed to be into Helvetica before anyone else. And when you start hearing people say, “Have you heard that new band, Helvetica? They’re pretty rad.” You can be all, “Pfft! Uhhhh, yeah? I was, like, into Helvetica before they were a band, duh?” Buy now and be cool first.

Available in Black on White and White on Black.

*Please note, it can take up to 60 days to process and ship your order domestically. International orders will take up to 90 days to reach you.


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  • Small (BLACK)
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